New Generative AI Course by DeepLearning.AI

2 min readNov 1, 2023
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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, understanding the nuances of generative AI has become imperative for professionals across various domains. Luckily, there’s a beacon of knowledge in the form of a course: “Generative AI for Everyone” by DeepLearning.AI, guided by the Andrew Ng.

Week 1: Introduction to Generative AI

The course kicks off with a comprehensive introduction to Generative AI. Through a series of engaging videos and insightful readings, participants unravel the fundamentals of generative AI. Andrew Ng’s expertise shines as he explains the intricacies, offering a clear understanding of what generative AI is and exploring its diverse applications.

Week 2: Exploring Generative AI Projects

Week two delves into the heart of generative AI projects. Participants are immersed in a world of possibilities as they explore various software applications. The course doesn’t stop at the basics; it ventures into advanced technologies, teaching participants to move beyond mere prompting. This deeper exploration equips learners to apply generative AI creatively and effectively.

Week 3: Generative AI’s Impact on Business and Society

The final week of the course is a revelation, shedding light on the intersection of generative AI with business and society. Participants gain insights into how generative AI is transforming the business landscape, opening new avenues and strategies. Moreover, the course delves into the societal implications, fostering a holistic understanding of the technology’s impact on our world.

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