Master LLMOps in 2023: The Definitive Course You Can’t Miss!

2 min readOct 27, 2023

Comet and DAIR AI collaborated and Announced a new FREE short course on LLMOps and building with LLMs. Learn about working and building with LLMs more effectively by leveraging advanced prompting techniques, experiment management tools, fine-tuned models, and much more.

Course Structure

Module 1: Introduction to LLMOps: This module introduces LLMOps, exploring its fundamental standards, methodologies, and its importance within the realm of Generative AI.

Module 2: Working with LLMs: This phase delves into the practical elements of running with Large Language Models (LLMs), encompassing strategies, equipment, and first-class practices for effective utilization.

Module 3: LLMOps in Practice: Module three makes a speciality of actual-world programs, demonstrating how LLMOps is carried out in sensible scenarios, showcasing its impact and advantages.

Module 4: Case Studies & Applications of LLMOps: Here, numerous case research and diverse applications of LLMOps are tested, offering in-intensity insights into its versatility and flexibility throughout different domains.

Module 5: Advanced Topics in LLMs & LLMOps: This module delves into advanced principles inside both LLMs and LLMOps, exploring present day technologies and methodologies that push the bounds of Generative AI.

Module 6: The Future of LLMOps: The very last module explores the future landscape of LLMOps, discussing rising tendencies, potential advancements, and the evolving function of LLMOps in shaping the destiny of Generative AI.

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