Are you a data scientist? Certification you need to complete in 2023.

2 min readOct 10, 2023

Attention Gathnex community Activeloop launching free Generative AI free certification course titled “Training & Fine-Tuning LLMs for Production.”.

Here is a course structure

1️⃣ Intro to LLMs Get ready to explore the evolution of Large Language Models (LLMs), their applications, and tips on mitigating biases. Dive deep into the world of LLMs and discover their incredible potential!

2️⃣ Understanding Transformers and GPT Uncover the magic behind Transformers🤖 and GPT architectures. Learn how to evaluate LLM performance✨, control their outputs, and master the art of pretraining and fine-tuning.

3️⃣ Training Large Language Models from Scratch Gain insights into the process of training LLMs from scratch. Discover the tools involved and explore strategies for evaluating LLM performance. Get ready to create domain-specific LLMs like a pro!

4️⃣ Fine-Tuning Large Language Models Delve into the world of fine-tuning🛠️ methods, including in-depth explorations of LoRA and SFT techniques. Learn through real-world examples📊 of fine-tuning LLMs on various types of data.

5️⃣ Improving LLMs with RLHF Explore the revolutionary concept of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) and understand how it can enhance trained models. Elevate your LLMs to new heights! 🚀

6️⃣ Deploying Large Language Models Master the challenges of deploying LLMs. Learn about model quantization, pruning, and deployment on cloud☁️ CPUs. Get ready to unleash your LLMs into the digital💻 realm!

7️⃣ Advanced Topics and Future of LLMs Prepare for the future of LLMs! Discover advanced topics such as large multimodal models, scaling laws, the ReAct framework, and addressing research challenges🌟. Stay ahead of the curve!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your skills in the field of Generative AI. Enroll for free today.

Course link : 👉🏼 Active loop course




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