Automating the LinkedIn posts using Generative AI(LLM). Part-1(How to create LinkedIn API)

4 min readOct 26, 2023

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual LinkedIn posting! To enhance user experience, we have developed an innovative solution: automating LinkedIn posts using Generative AI technology. Our innovative automation system eliminates the time-consuming process of sharing your blogs or vlogs on LinkedIn. With just a giving single prompt to LLM, effortlessly showcase your work to the world, saving you valuable time and effort. Embrace seamless, instant content sharing and focus on what truly matters: your creative pursuits.

In simpler term, we’ve developed an automation system that is connected with generative AI. It not only solve complex task and also has ability to craft and publish LinkedIn posts effortlessly.

A special thanks to Gokul, who made significant contributions to this project.

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Table of content

  • Creating a LinkedIn Page
  • LinkedIn API
  • Code implementation
  • Demo

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into creating a LinkedIn page and utilizing the LinkedIn API. A LinkedIn page is essential for creating the access token effectively.

Part 2

Creating LinkedIn Page

Step 1 : Click — For Business

Step 2 : Select the Create a Company Page at downside of the page

Step 3 : Select company

Step 4 : Enter the details of page and select create page.

Now your organization or company page is successfully created. you can now see your LinkedIn page by clicking ‘me’ button on the top of page.

LinkedIn Access Token creation

Now we are going to create a LinkedIn access token.

Step 1 : Go to LinkedIn developer page and select create app.

Step 2: Enter the desired app name and provide the LinkedIn page link you created earlier (Please ensure it’s copied as a member view link), along with the app’s logo. Then, click the ‘Create App’ button.

Step 3 : Select the request access for Share on LinkedIn and Sign in with LinkedIn using OpenID Connect.

Step 4 : Go to Auth tab and click OAuth 2.0 tools link

Step 5 : Select create token

Step 6 : Select the all the scopes and click request access token.

After clicking the ‘Request Access Token’ button, you will be prompted to sign in. Once signed in, the new access token will be displayed.

The app is created and Now we need to verify the page

Step 7 : Please navigate to the settings tab of the app we created and click on ‘Verify’.

Step 8 : click on Generate URL, then paste the URL into a separate tab and click ‘Verify.’

Now, you are all set to proceed.

In the next blog post(Part-2), we’ll explore how to implement the code to access the linked posts and automate the posts using Generative AI. Stay tuned.

Part-2 Blog :




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